GRAC is a GRAmmar Checker written in Python. GRAC is based on learning algorithms, it needs tagged text corpus and mistake-free corpus to learn grammar rules and then detects grammar errors on a sentence or text you give.

How it works ?

You can get a paper written in french explaining the architecture an algorithms used in GRAC here. If you need a translation, send me a mail (maxime (AT), I will work on it during my free time.


GRAC lacks documentation. You can retrieve some user and developer documentation in a GRAC tarball or you can generate it from CVS.


You can get the lastest version:

You can also check out the lastest CVS version via CVS page.

Find all the grac downloads on the GRAC's SourceForge download page .


Future features we want for GRAC:


You may contact the main developper "maxime (AT)"


Thanks to Jean Baptiste Berthelin from LIMSI,


Check the GRAC project page from SourceForge.

Thanks to SourceForge for hosting the projet and this website.